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circaid® juxtalite™ Lower Leg

circaid® juxtalite™ Lower Leg inelastic wraps provide adjustable compression using a controlled dosage of 20mmHg-30mmHg, 30mmHg-40mmHg, or 40mmHg-50mmHg of compression to assist the calf muscle pump and promote wound healing in the lower leg.

medi® USA

medi® USA is a medical product and technology company focused on compression therapies for chronic medical conditions, athletic performance, and fashion. The medi product family continues to innovate, leading the way in modern compression therapy that improves the quality of life for every patient across all stages of venous and lymphatic conditions.
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• Adjustable assured compression levels
• Lightweight and breathable
• Anti-odor lining
• Machine washable
• Patient friendly for increased compliance
• Includes 2 compressive undersocks for improved fit and greater edema control
• Now available in black along with beige


circaid® juxtalite™ Lower Leg is intended for use treating moderate lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency, venous leg ulcers, post-thrombotic syndrome, dependent edema, post-sclerotherapy, and varicose veins.


Contraindicated for patients with severe peripheral arterial disease, decompensated congestive heart failure, septic phlebitis, phlegmasia cerulea dolens, allergy to compression materials, moderate peripheral arterial disease, or an infection in the leg.

Warnings and Precautions

Decreased or absent sensation in the leg, sensitivity to product components.

How Supplied/Sizing
8 sizes, 2 lengths. 20mmHg-30mmHg, 30mmHg-40mmHg, 40mmHg-50mmHg.
Product features
cancel 15-20mmHg
check_circle 20-30mmHg
check_circle 30-40mmHg
check_circle 40-50mmHg
cancel Customizable
cancel Cuttable
cancel Long stretch
check_circle Multilayer system
check_circle Not made w/ natural rubber latex
cancel Post-surgical compression
cancel Prescribed primarily for acute care
cancel Reusable
cancel Reusable rigid garment
check_circle Self-adhering
check_circle Short stretch
cancel Tubular/elastic
Other features
check_circle Educational Material Available
check_circle Free Samples/Trials Available
cancel Published Clinical Article Available
Recommended Use

Chronic Wounds
Deep Wounds
Granulating/Epithelializing Wounds
Moderate/Highly Exudating Wounds
Non/Minimally Exudating Wounds
Palliative Wounds
Sloughy Wounds
Venous Ulcers

Removal & Change Frequency

Reusable with home laundering.


Nylon, polyurethane, satin acetate, silver, spandex

Clinically Tested

Not made with natural rubber latex

Technical Specifications

Band System: Juxta™ System: juxtalock™ with Bandwidth Gradient Control
Compression: 20mmHg-30mmHg, 30mmHg-40mmHg, or 40mmHg-50mmHg
Static Stiffness Index: 10mmHg (pressure drop from standing to lying down)
Period of Wear: Daytime/Nighttime

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