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Comfeel® Plus

Comfeel® Plus is a semi-permeable hydrocolloid dressing containing calcium alginate for enhanced absorption capacity of low to moderate levels of exudate. May be used as a primary or secondary dressing.

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CovaWound™ Hydrocolloid (Hydrocolloid Dressing)

CovaWound™ Hydrocolloid (Hydrocolloid Dressing) maintains an optimal moist wound environment which has been shown to enhance healing.

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DuoDERM Signal® Dressing

DuoDERM Signal® is a tapered-edge translucent wound dressing that signals when it is time for a dressing change.

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DuoDERM® CGF® Dressing

DuoDERM® Control Gel Formula (CGF) Dressing is a hydrocolloid, moisture-retentive wound dressing used for partial- and full-thickness wounds with exudate.

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Exuderm OdorShield™

Exuderm OdorShield™ is a hydrocolloid dressing designed to absorb exudate. Includes cyclodextrins to help reduce odor and tapered edges to prevent roll-up.

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Exuderm® Satin

Exuderm® Satin is a hydrocolloid wound dressing designed with a smooth, low friction backing and tapered edges to prevent roll-up.

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Kendall™ Alginate Hydrocolloid Dressings

Kendall™ Alginate Hydrocolloid Dressings are designed to create and maintain an optimal moist wound healing environment. Alginate formulation provides superior absorptive capacity and maintains its integrity. Available with a foam adhesive border. Wear time up to seven days.

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McKesson Hydrocolloid Dressing, Foam Back

McKesson Hydrocolloid Dressing, Foam Back is a sterile primary or secondary dressing for wounds with light to moderate exudate that promotes autolytic debridement.

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MedVance® Hydrocolloid Dressing with Foam Cushion

MedVance® Hydrocolloid Dressing with Foam Cushion consists of a semipermeable polyurethane film coated with hydrocolloid-containing carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC). Cohesive gel is produced when in contact with wound exudate to provide a moist wound healing environment. Adds the pressure distribution of a foam outer layer.

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PrimaCol® Bordered Hydrocolloid (Film Backed)

PrimaCol® Bordered Hydrocolloid Dressing has tapered extremely thin edges to reduce bunching and rolling up. Low friction to reduce shear forces. Maintains moist environment.

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