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Combine ABD Pads

Combine ABD Pads are highly absorbent, multilayer, soft, non-woven moisture barriers. All edges are sealed.

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Curity® Abdominal Pads

Curity® Abdominal Pads feature a soft, non-woven contact layer for comfort. Highly absorbent. Some pads are sealed on all sides to prevent linting.

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EXU-DRY* Anti-Shear Wound Dressing

EXU-DRY* Anti-Shear Wound Dressing is a one-piece, multilayer, highly-absorbent, non-adherent wound dressing designed to minimize trauma and save nursing time. Anti-shear layer helps reduce friction and shearing.

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McKesson Super Absorbent Dressing

McKesson Super Absorbent Dressing's polymers bind wound drainage and convert it to a gel inside the dressing, helping to decrease the risk of maceration.

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Multipad™ is an absorptive, non-woven pad placed between two non-adherent wound contact layers. Used as primary or secondary dressing.

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OptiLock® is a super absorbent polymer core dressing which locks in drainage under compression. Will protect skin from maceration.

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Silverlon® Wound Pad Dressing

Silverlon® Wound Pad Dressing has multiple layers and incorporates a silver wound contact layer with an absorbent rayon pad covered with a film transparent (urethane) layer.

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Simpurity™ Polymer Pad Wound Dressing

Simpurity™ Polymer Pad Wound Dressing is a highly absorbent dressing that is easy to remove from the wound.

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Sofsorb® features a stay-dry liner that prevents periwound maceration. For use as a primary or secondary wound dressing secured with tape, tubular elastic or gauze.

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XTRASORB® Classic Super Absorbent Dressing

XTRASORB® Classic is a super absorbent polymer-based dressing for when extra fluid handling is needed. For moderate to heavily exudating wounds. Fluid enters the dressing, converts to a gel and is locked away from the wound.

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