HCPCS code description: Transparent film, sterile, more than 16 sq. in. but less than or equal to 48 sq. in., each dressing

Products with this code:

  • The hydrophilic nature of 3M™ Tegaderm™ HP Transparent Film Dressing adhesive makes it more adherent and useful in moist conditions and difficult-to-dress areas. This sterile, breathable and waterproof dressing provides a barrier to outside contaminants and allows the patient to shower.

  • 3M™ Tegaderm™ Transparent Film Dressings can be used to cover and protect catheter sites and wounds, to maintain a moist environment for wound healing and to secure devices to the skin.

  • This non-sterile version of 3M™ Tegaderm™ Transparent Film Dressing provides all the benefits of a surgical tape while providing a waterproof, bacterial and viral barrier.

  • Dermagran® Zinc Saline Wet Dressing contains zinc-nutrient formulation. pH-balanced. Provides a moist, mildly acidic environment conducive to wound healing.

  • Dermanet® Ag+ Border combines Dermanet® Ag and Transeal® polyurethane. Ideal for use on surgical incisions, lacerations and vascular access sites.

  • Fixomull® Transparent film dressing provides waterproof wide-area fixation.

  • GEMCORE360°™ Transparent Thin Film Dressings are thin, flexible, breathable polyurethane transparent dressings. Provides protection from external fluids and contaminants while maintaining a moist wound healing environment. Helps protect the wound surface or can be used to secure catheters or IVs.

  • Gentell MVP Transparent Film Dressing is a moisture vapor permeable transparent membrane coated with a layer of acrylic hypoallergenic adhesive that can be used to cover low exudating wounds.

  • Hydrofilm® is a transparent adhesive film dressing.

  • IV3000* Transparent Adhesive Film Dressing is a moisture-responsive transparent film dressing specifically designed to meet the needs of catheter fixation. Available in three ranges: 1-hand, standard and frame delivery.

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