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Janet Wolfson, PT, CLWT, CWS, CLT-LANA
Educator in Wound Care and Lymphedema, Wound Care Coordinator at Encompass Health of Ocala

Janet Wolfson is a physical therapist and certified lymphedema therapist with over 30 years of field experience. She is certified in wound care and is currently an instructor in wound care and lymphedema treatment with ILWTI, and is Wound Care Coordinator at Encompass Health of Ocala.

Wolfson’s educational programs include focused training on wound management skills including debridement, dressing selection, differential diagnosis of lower extremity edema, and pressure ulcer prevention. Her career as a physical therapist lead her to specialize in wound care and manual lymphatic drainage, which was driven by her passion for these underserved populations.

Wolfson is an active national speaker and author on wound-related topics. She is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Wound Management, current member of the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care, current member of the Editorial Advisory Board for WoundSource and past board member of the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network.