HCPCS code description: Foam dressing, wound cover, sterile, pad size 16 sq. in. or less, with any size adhesive border, each dressing

Products with this code:

  • ALLEVYN* Gentle Border is a water/bacteria-proof silicone adhesive dressing indicated for moderately to highly exudating wounds. Hydrocellular structure allows for a moist wound environment. Remains in place and will not stick to the wound surface.

  • ALLEVYN* Gentle Border Lite is a 2mm foam silicone gel adhesive dressing incorporating a unique triple-action technology.

  • ALLEVYN* Gentle Border Multisite is a unique tri-lobe foam dressing incorporating the ALLEVYN* triple-action technology designed to fit the most awkward areas of the body.

  • ALLEVYN* Gentle Border Sacrum is a silicone gel adhesive hydrocellular foam dressing incorporating unique triple-action technology and has a unique tail design which allows the dressing to fit around the gluteal fold.

  • AMERX® Bordered Foam Dressings feature sterile, high performance polyurethane foam that is able to absorb large amounts of wound fluid for complete exudate management. Breathable, self-adhesive border provides a barrier to outside contaminants.

  • Biatain® Ag Adhesive Foam Dressing combines effective antimicrobial technology with effective exudate management. Manages low to high wound exudate levels.

  • Biatain® Foam Dressings manage low to high wound exudate levels. Ideal under compression. Optimal absorption and retentive foam. Available with or without adhesive border. Skin-friendly, hydrocolloid-based adhesive border reduces need for secondary dressing.

  • Biatain® Heel Foam Dressing with hydrocolloid border reduces the need for secondary dressing. Unique foam structure manages low to high wound exudate levels and protects the heel.

  • CovaWound™ Foam (Non-Adherent Foam Dressing with Adhesive Border) is a non-adherent foam dressing composed of a soft, conformable, highly absorbent polyurethane foam with a breathable polyurethane film and an adhesive, breathable polyurethane border. The outer layer protects against eschar formation and is also waterproof, protecting against external contamination while maintaining a moist wound environment.

  • CovaWound™ Silicone (Self-Adherent Soft Silicone Foam Dressing with Border) is an absorbent, atraumatic dressing consisting of a soft silicone adhesive that does not stick to the surface of a wound or cause epidermal stripping or pain upon removal, an absorbent core of polyurethane foam and a non-woven fabric and a vapor-permeable membrane which acts as a barrier to liquid and microorganisms.

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