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Biatain® Super Absorbent Dressing

Biatain® Super Absorbent Dressing is a highly absorbent hydrocapillary dressing providing an optimal moist wound healing environment for exuding wounds. Available in both adhesive and non-adhesive.

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CovaWound™ SuperAbsorbent (Super Absorbent Dressing)

CovaWound™ SuperAbsorbent (Super Absorbent Dressing) locks in exudate to prevent moisture-associated complications, even under compression. It has a non-woven wound contact layer.

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Cutimed® Sorbact®

Cutimed® Sorbact® with Sorbact® Technology effectively manages wound infections across patients of all ages by irreversibly binding hydrophobic microbes to the DACC™-coated surface with a purely physical mode of action and removes them without releasing active substances to the wound.

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DynaSorb™ Super Absorbent Dressing

DynaSorb™ Super Absorbent Dressing rapidly absorbs wound exudate into a super absorbent polymer core.

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EXU-DRY* Anti-Shear Wound Dressing

EXU-DRY* Anti-Shear Wound Dressing is a one-piece, multilayer, highly-absorbent, non-adherent wound dressing designed to minimize trauma and save nursing time. Anti-shear layer helps reduce friction and shearing.

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Multipad™ is an absorptive, non-woven pad placed between two non-adherent wound contact layers. Used as primary or secondary dressing.

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Non-Adherent Pads

Non-Adherent Pads allow dressing to absorb, help minimize trauma to the wound site and can be cut to any size.

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OptiLock® is a super absorbent polymer core dressing which locks in drainage under compression. Will protect skin from maceration.

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Silverlon® Lifesavers™ IV/Catheter Dressings

Silverlon® Lifesavers™ IV/Catheter Dressings function as a primary silver antimicrobial dressing and are placed around IVs, catheters and orthopedic external fixation pins.

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Silverlon® Wound Pad Dressing

Silverlon® Wound Pad Dressing has multiple layers and incorporates a silver wound contact layer with an absorbent rayon pad covered with a film transparent (urethane) layer.

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