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Skin Care


AMERIGEL® Barrier Lotion

AMERIGEL® Barrier Lotion is used to safeguard vulnerable skin. Replenish lost moisture, soften damaged skin, and provide ultimate skin protection without the use of hard-to-remove pastes. Ideal for use with compression therapy and prostheses.

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AMERIGEL® Care Lotion

AMERIGEL® Care Lotion rehydrates and soothes dry, irritated skin with daily use. Fast absorbing formula with advanced micro-particle technology targets conditions beneath the skin's surface, such as dry skin due to diabetes. Fragrance-, dye-, and paraben-free.

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ApriVera® is an odor-reducing, non-alkaline body and hair cleanser. Safe for tub, shower, bedside basin, and whirlpool bath.

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Atrac-Tain® Cream

Atrac-Tain® Cream contains 10% urea and 4% AHA, which softens and exfoliates severely dry, calloused, and cracked skin.

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Avosil® Scar Care Gel

Avosil® Scar Care Gel is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory topical gel for scar treatment and prevention.

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Balmex® AdultAdvantage Skin Relief Cream

Balmex® AdultAdvantage Skin Relief Cream can improve IAD management, costs, and patient outcomes through its wetness protection, FEI technology, one-use relief, and easy on and easy off removal. Retail, GPO, and wholesaler availability.

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Bathe Away®

Bathe Away® is a complete body, hair, and scalp cleanser. Contains glycerin, coconut oil and chamomile. pH-balanced. For use in tub, shower, or bedside basin.

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Baza Cleanse & Protect® Lotion

Baza Cleanse & Protect® Lotion provides mild cleansing, a breathable skin barrier, and moisturization. Available in odor control.

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Baza® Antifungal

Baza® Antifungal contains 2% miconazole nitrate and skin conditioners.

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Baza® Clear

Baza® Clear is a petrolatum-based moisture barrier. Contains skin conditioners.

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