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Debrisoft® Pad and Debrisoft® Lolly

Debrisoft® monofilament products are highly effective and virtually painless wound bed preparation devices that immediately produce visible results. Penetrates, disrupts, and detaches biofilm, slough, keratosis, and non-viable debris in both acute and chronic wounds, while protecting granulation tissue.

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Collagenase SANTYL* Ointment

Collagenase SANTYL* Ointment debrides necrotic tissue.

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EZ Debride®

Designed by a surgeon, EZ Debride® is a simple-to-use sharp debridement instrument able to remove non-viable tissue and bioburden (with proper certification and training). Sterile.

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Jetox-ND™ is a jet lavage system for cleaning and debriding all types of wounds.

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medaxis microjet therapy

medaxis microjet therapy is a highly energized fluid jet (2000psi) to be applied to the wound bed. This mode of action removes biofilm, reduces bacterial load, provokes microbleeding, stimulates and oxygenates the wound bed.

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Medicinal Maggots™

Medicinal Maggots™ are live disinfected fly larvae used for debriding non-healing wounds such as pressure ulcers, neuropathic foot ulcers, non-healing post-surgical wounds and other chronic wounds. Consult manufacturer for reimbursement information.

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The Perilav™ selective mechanical debridement system makes traditional irrigation and debridement procedures safer and simpler for any treatment setting by containing fluid and wound debris in an easily disposable bag.

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Pulsar II™ Advanced Wound Irrigation (AWI™) System

Pulsar II™ Advanced Wound Irrigation (AWI™) System is a portable, safe, no-touch selective hydro debridement system that effectively removes bacteria and necrotic tissue without disrupting healthy tissue.

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Qoustic Wound Therapy System™

Qoustic Wound Therapy System delivers focused ultrasonic energy from the proprietary Qoustic Qurette™ as it lightly contacts the wound bed, gently separating and removing unwanted tissue while preserving healthy granulation tissue. Also useful in preparing the wound bed for other therapies, such as grafts and flaps.

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Soft K-Cot®

Soft K-Cot® brush-curette is designed to be both minimally invasive and clinically effective for wound cleaning, debridement, and tissue sampling. Nitrile finger cot pad is made of Kylon®, a patented medical fabric which dislodges and collects wound debris efficiently and effectively.

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