Wound Dressings

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by Evangelia Athanasoula and James McGuire DPM, PT, CPed, FAPWHc

The sorbion sachet wound dressing, manufactured by sorbion GmbH & Co. in Germany and marketed in the US by Alliqua Biomedical, is a high capacity dressing that absorbs and holds wound exudate, removes some wound debris, draws in and holds wound bacteria helping to reduce surface bioburden, and maintains a balanced moist wound environment. The dressing uses what it calls "hydration response technology" to accomplish these goals.

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Nursing and Clean Wound Dressing Changes

by Margaret Heale, RN, MSc, CWOCN

Hi blog buddies,
Matron Marley is taking a vacation to allow her writer (me) to vent. The problem I see has evolved since the introduction of a 'clean dressing technique' over the last 15 years or so, and has little foundation in the distant past when Matron wandered the wards instilling dread into unsuspecting students as she put them 'on the spot'. This problem is most definitely a current problem and it needs attention.

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by Bruce E. Ruben MD

In the beginning, long before Johnson met Johnson and Band-Aids were invented, primitive men and women suffered minor cuts and abrasions and probably left them uncovered to heal. After all, the bleeding had stopped, a scab eventually formed and experience had taught them that their skin would heal in a week or two. So there was no great rush to find a use for those puffy, cottony, soft, white plants growing in the fields just yet.

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by Elliot Fialkoff and James McGuire DPM, PT, CPed, FAPWHc

Ulcers, wounds, and burns come in many different shapes and sizes based in part on their etiology, which also varies dramatically. As many different etiologies as there are for various dermatological insults, there is an even greater number of dressings and treatment options available. DuoDERM® Hydrocolloid is an occlusive gel dressing that helps maintain a moist wound bed. According to the ConvaTec website (the maker of DuoDERM®), "On contact with wound exudate, the hydrocolloid matrix forms a cohesive gel which supports moist wound healing."

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by Brittany Charmaine Sumpter and James McGuire DPM, PT, CPed, FAPWHc

Drawtex™ wound dressings utilize a hydroconductive material to aid the clinician in wound bed preparation. It is a highly absorbent wound dressing that facilitates the movement of wound exudates into and through the dressing to the outer secondary material. The constant movement of wound fluids clears the wound bed of harmful wound byproducts that may slow down or prevent wound healing.

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Jolt #2: Healthcare Caffeine, WoundSource Edition
by Colton Mason

Part 1 in a series exploring the latest innovations in soft silicone wound care dressings

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by Karen Zulkowski DNS, RN, CWS

Back in 2012, I blogged about glove change frequency and hand washing during dressing changes. Your comments were very informative. It is sad that facilities are being cited for not changing gloves, and rewashing and sanitizing hands during a dressing change. There is no evidence this does anything but add to the cost. What's important is to protect yourself from the patient's bacteria.

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